KSDJ’s freedom ribbons find homes across SDSU

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

Just under 700 freedom ribbons symbolizing support for U.S. troops have been distributed among students by SDSU’s own 90.7 KSDJ between last Thursday and Monday night.

“I’m extremely pleased with the response of listeners, both students and faculty,” Ashley Allen, 23, KSDJ station manager, said.

He credited Samantha Foote, a KSDJ staff member, with coming up with the original idea for the ribbons.

The simple twists of red, white and blue ribbons were originally assembled by Foote but production sped up with the arrival of several volunteers Thursday night.

Allen was heartened by the support.

“I was amazed that in the first four hours of starting the (ribbon) campaign, we had multiple volunteers and donations. The phone was ringing off the hook.”

Allen, who has a brother in the Army, emphasized the station wasn’t supporting a side on the war.

“No matter if you’re for or against this war, we should support the troops.”

KSDJ has only provided the ribbons since Thursday night but Allen is intent on continuing the effort.

“We’ve got plenty of ribbon left,” he said. “We’re going to keep making ribbons as long as troops are in harm’s way in Iraq.”

Jenny Sandmann, 19, an early childhood development major, said she’d be happy to wear a ribbon because her father is in the National Guard.

“I’d wear (a ribbon) to support the troops,” she said. “I’ve always been patriotic.”

Katie Turner, 22, an art education senior, said she saw the display of ribbons outside the KSDJ office.

“I thought it was great to show support for all the SDSU students who’ve had to put aside their education for the war,” she said.

“I can’t serve, so I do what I can.”

The free ribbons can be picked up in the basement of the University Student Union from a table located outside the KSDJ campus radio station office.

#1.887164:139896911.jpg:ribbons.jpg:KSDJ employees began giving out freedom ribbons last Thursday in support of the troops in Iraq. To get a ribbon, stop by the campus radio station in the union basement. :