Low income housing available

Michelle Herrick

Michelle Herrick

A housing option that pays the majoirty of a tenant’s rent is available to Brookings residents who need it.

“Most that apply are students,” said Darla Vig, Moriarty Rentals Office Manager.

In a process that is as simple as filling out an application, students can pay as little as 30 percent of their gross income towards rent.

“It is a waiting game, but quite a few students qualify,” Vig said.

After the application is filed, the potential renter is put on a waiting list until an apartment is available. Then a credit check and a previous landlord verfication are performed and the tenant can move in.

Income is determined by jobs, child support and family allowances. It cannot exceed $20,000 a year. Financial aid is not considered income.

“It is one thing if parents claim them or help them financially,” said MeLisa Elijah, Property Manager at Mills Property Management.

If the tenant has no monthly income then city utilites are averaged out and paid for by the program, too.

“If they can’t pay their rent, that’s what we’re here for,” said Connie McFarland Program Specialist at the Brookings County Housing Authority.

The Housing Authority is a contracting officer that works with property managers in town to find apartments for tenants. The office doesn’t actually manage any property.

The funding for low income housing is available by a grant from the federal governement through a program called Rural Development. This assistance is available on a variety of issues including housing, economic development and community development.

To learn more, call the Brookings County Housing and Redevelopment Commission at 692-1670 or stop by the office at 1310 Main Ave. South in Brookings.