Fashion Frenzy

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas

A bloody scuffle broke out last week on the Rotunda Green between the FUBUs and Abercrombies. A violent culmination of several years of tension between the two schools of fashion, the brawl left ten people injured and thirty-two jerseys torn beyond recognition.

“I don’t know for sure how it started, but all I know is that I barely got out unsoiled,” said junior pre-pharmacy major Mark Hibbbert, “I hate to blindly blame anyone but I’m sure it was one of those gagster FUBU thugs.”

The fight, which lasted for over half an hour with an estimated sixty participants, was sparked after a member of the FUBU clan prominently flashed the tag of his pullover while walking past a small group of female Abercrombies picnicking on the green. Immediately after the gesture was made, several male Abercrombies ascended upon a group of congregated FUBUs outside of the Rotunda.

“They came over to where we were smoking and started accusing us of tag fingering their girlfriends,” said sophomore radio, television, and film major Erik Severson, “I don’t know for sure who it was that did that, but all I know is that those Abercrombie honeys are too rich for my blood.”

The rivalry between the FUBUs and the Abercrombies has received much coverage by national as well as local media.

In 2000, PBS’s Frontline ran the Emmy award winning documentary “Hem It Up,” which followed the challenges of an inter-garment family in Chicago. The program received PBS’s highest ratings since Sesame Street’s 20th Anniversary Special in 1989.

“After the telecast, there was a period of quiet acceptance between the two factions,” said Dr. John Rivers, head of the apparel anthropology department on campus, “But that has proved to be deceiving. This new generation of FUBUs and Abercrombies are proving to be much more volatile than their predecessors.”

While garment gangs are nothing new in society, Rivers believes that a close eye should be kept on the situation.

“In 1991, there was considerable tension between the Guess? followers and the ZCavs, but thank God those brands died out.” he said, “but now with the re-emergence of the Luckys, there’s no telling how far the situation could unravel.”

#1.887084:2814539306.jpg:StreetFightenmen.jpg:Following a series of close conflicts, the fashion battle finally erupted in a street fight on the Rotunda Green. No one was seriously injured, though several juries were destroyed beyond repair. Unable to confirm who started the fight, the University Police Department said that it is still investigating the incident and that charges would be pressed once the culprit was fingered.: