McGovern comes home

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas

On Wednesday, South Dakota native and former senator George McGovern will come to SDSU to discuss the problem of world hunger.

“He is among my heroes,” said Dr. Robert Burns, head of the political science department.

“He’s been consistently dedicated to many noble objectives, including peace and feeding the hungry. It’s hard to imagine anymore meaningful objectives to dedicate a career to.”

After serving in World War II as a decorated pilot, McGovern was a two-term member of the House of Representatives and a United States senator for 18 years.

He ran for the presidential democratic ticket in both 1972 and 1984. Considered controversial for his views on peace, McGovern is highly respected for his commitment.

“He has paid a political price for his courage,” said Burns. “He still does today. He has adopted his position through being a war hero himself. He did not arrive at this position without first experiencing the horrors of war.”

His interest in global hunger became prominent when he was appointed by President Kennedy as the first director for the Food for Peace Program in 1960.

The lecture comes to campus as part of the Harding Distinguished Lecture Series.

McGovern is expected to discuss the political condition of feeding the masses as well as the moral indications that come with it.

His book, “The Third Freedom: Ending Hunger in Our Time,” is the basis of most of his discussion.

McGovern once served as the U.S. Director of the U.N. Agencies on Food and Agriculture and is currently the U.S. Special Ambassador on Hunger.

The lecture will begin at 7p.m. Wednesday at the Swiftel Center, followed by a meet-and-greet session at 8 p.m.

Thomas Stenvig from the Nursing Department, coordinated the event and is excited about McGovern’s visit.

“We are very pleased to have one of South Dakota’s own to talk about world hunger.”