Fans are number one priority for Sister Hazel

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas

“Where are all your trees?” said Jeff Beres, bassist for pop rockers Sister Hazel. “How do you guys get paper?”

The band was scheduled that night to play Frost Arena. Before the show they were found lounging in a make-shift HPER center dressing room.

“Last night on the plane this old guy next us got up and went to the bathroom. We tried to super glue his cup to his tray,” said lead singer Ken Block,”It didn’t work, though.”

“Remember. Always glue the rim and not the middle,” said Beres.

Visibly run-down by their early morning flight from Boston, the group of overgrown frat boys were eager to talk about their recent accomplishments.

“Well, we have a new CD out now called Chasing Daylight and it’s charting well on the radio,” said Block.

“We also cured SARS on the tour bus this week,” lead guitarist Ryan Newell added.

“Yeah, and we’re working on dropping the Mother of All Rumsfields,” Beres said. “That’s our fun way of saying poop,” he explained.

Another point of excitement for the boys was their annual trip on the Rock Boat, a Carnival Cruise ship rented exclusively for their fans and them.

“It’s a thank you for our fan base. It’s sort of an end-of-the-tour party that communicates our appreciation for the people that follow us,” said Block,

“This year we’re going to Cozumel, and performing on the boat with us will be Dexter Freebish, Edwin McCain, Cowboy Mouth, and we’re trying to get Vertical Horizon,” said Block, “It’s really laid-back. In fact Kyle from Dexter Freebish streaks across the boat.”

“That’s my only rule. Onstage: clothing. All other times: nothing,” said Kyle, who was filling in for band member Andrew Copeland.

As the concert crept closer, the boys waxed poetic on who they thought the hottest women in rock were.

“TLC’s hot, but I probably shouldn’t say that since one of them is dead,”said Berses. “The dead one was hot, though.”

“I think the lead guitarist from The Donnas is very hot. She’s not all that pretty, but watching her is like watching Angus Young,” said Block, “She’s like your best friend but with tits. Wait, can we say tits?”