He Believes

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

Robert Hastings wants to convince you that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are real. And he’s not going to do it with stories of abductions recalled through the veil of hypnosis or with photos that show blurry humanoids that are supposed to be the alien creatures flying the ships.

He’s going to do it with declassified military documents, radar data and interviews with former military and intelligence community personnel. He believes that if you come to his presentation with an open mind, you’ll come to believe something is going on up in the skies.

“My attitude is not to persuade anyone (of the existence of UFOs). My attitude is take it or leave it,” Hastings said.

Hastings’s presentation consists almost wholly of data collected from ex-government personnel and documents obtained because of the Freedom of Information act.

According to Hastings, on numerous occasions, the military has seen objects on their radar, which move at thousands of miles per hour, then suddenly stop or switch directions. No aircraft in the history of man has been capable of this and Hastings believes this may be the most concrete proof of visitors from another place in space or time.

Hastings began his quest when working at a military base and hearing the rumors of anomalous objects on the radar. His research has put him in contact with numerous people who have hinted to him that the government knows more than they are telling the American public about UFOs. While Hastings believes the government has a right to protect national security, if it knows more about UFOs it should make that information available as time goes by to facilitate democracy.

Hastings said his program will inform those who are curious about UFOs.

“For those who are serious about this (and) who want information that is credible, … hard legitimate data from secret government files, then I think they will this program well worth their time,” Hastings said.

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