Betsey high-fives, falls in love and plans future with sociology partner

Kara Christensen

Kara Christensen

Betsey Shimmerson, sophomore biology major, has new reason to believe her longtime crush Luke Campbell wants to father her children.

“We are so getting married. I mean, he’s totally perfect for me,” Shimmerson said.

After the pair received a B+ on a sociology paper they co-wrote about communication skills, Campbell acknowledged the success by holding up his hand for a high-five outside Rotunda C last Friday.

“It just felt like the right thing to do,” Campbell said.

A difference in height caused technical difficulties, since Campbell is 6’1″ while Shimmerson barely hits 5′ in her platform shoes.

“I had to jump up to hit his hand,” she said. “But I missed and got his ear instead. That’s got me kind of worried. I mean, we don’t have compatible heights or anything, but couples overcome difficulties all the time. It could be worse-we could be distant cousins or something.”

Campbell, who has not chosen a major yet, said the pink mark on his ear had faded by the end of his chemistry lab later that afternoon.

“Yeah, it was a little weird, but it was worth it to get a B+. I’m tough,” he said. “That girl packs a punch though.”

After the incident Shimmerson apologized, but Campbell told her “not to worry about it.”

“He is such a nice guy, really patient. He’ll make a great dad,” Shimmerson said.

She initially decided Campbell was a dreamboat on the first day of sociology last January.

“She couldn’t stop talking about how his belt matched his shoes,” Patricia Moore, Shimmerson’s roommate, said. “She really gets into details like that. I thought she was going for the hottie on fourth-floor Binnewies because he has nice fingernails, but I was wrong.”

Shimmerson said Campbell has not asked her to the movies yet, but she thinks he will soon.

“We’ve come a long way since February. Back then, it was a simple ‘Hey, what’s up?’ if I tried to talk to him after class, but I have a feeling things are looking up,” Shimmerson said.

Friends say Campbell enjoys bachelorhood, but they admit he is sometimes unpredictable.

“One time he had a random girl sit on his lap at Chevy’s. Usually he gets her name first,” Tom Free, childhood friend and frat mate, said. “Sure, maybe he’ll ask her out. Is she hot?”