Miller preps SDSU with war-related precautions

Justin R. Lessman

Justin R. Lessman

Response procedures are in place should a campus emergency occurs, President Peggy Miller told campus staff in an e-mail after the war broke last month.

The e-mail included hyperlinks to a 34-page SDSU Emergency Operating Plan, which gives specific instructions on how to handle emergency or disaster situations, and to the SDSU Respirator Safety Program.

Despite the need for precautions, Reger said the SDSU community is quite fortunate.

“SDSU, like other mid-western campuses are lucky,” he said. “We live in a pretty safe environment. But, it never hurts to be on the safe side.”

Safety precautions include:

Health care providers on campus and faculty in the College of Nursing have been inoculated and trained as first responders.

Food and water supplies are in place for several days for students and staff.

A Code Red designation from Washington will curtail travel in state vehicles.

Advisors of international students have been advised to contact and assist them.

All security procedures for laboratories have been reviewed.

Faculty have been advised to review the Emergency Operating Plan and Respirator Safety Program.