Next year, Todd will rule the planet Earth

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

I would advise those of you who wish to survive the end of the world to start packing your cans, because I’m going to be editor-in-chief of this rinkydink joint next year, and that’s as sure a sign of the Apocalypse as any.

For those of you who will remain among us surface dwellers, I advise that you pick up our paper every once in a while next year, because it’s going to be simply splendiferous.

We’re going to try to cover everything that you care about and expand our coverage to hit colleges other than the college of arts and sciences (I know how upset you college of general studies folk are).

We’re going to give you in-depth stories about the athletes, artists and politicians who make this university what it is.

We’re going to go out of our way to make sure the important news from the community of Brookings gets to you so you know what to do with it.

And we’re going to print lots of big pictures.

Maybe we’ll even print a few you’ll feel like clipping out and hanging on your fridge or on the inside of your grandmother’s cupboard door over that old yellowed “The Family Circus” cartoon.

So let us know what you want us to do next year.

If you like what we’ve done this year, let us know. If you don’t like it, let us know.

It’s your paper too, after all.

We want that to keep going in 2004-2005.

Todd VanDerWerff is the Collegian’s managing editor for one more day before his reign of chaos begins. Write to him at [email protected].