Everclear brings big ticket rock back to Frost

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas

Last Wednesday SDSU students braved long lines to secure tickets for the biggest concert event to hit campus since 3 Doors Down rocked Frost Arena in 2000.

“A current rock and roll show is something SDSU has not seen for a couple of years now,” said Adam Karnopp, advisor for university programs,”It’s time and hopefully people will be excited for it.”

A big concert had been a top priority for the UPC throughout the year, and despite several strikeouts with other bands, they diligently continued their search.

“Different college concert agencies send out big lists of what bands are touring. These people are trying to put together shows, so we just pool resources and ask them what would make sense coming to SDSU,” Karnopp said,”We then narrowed it down to five bands we thought would get the most support from this campus.”

After a lot of frustration and hard work, the short list was systematically narrowed.

“We’ve been trying for a major concert since October,”said Karnopp, “about three of them have fallen through. We tried for Counting Crows and that didn’t work. USD got the date and actually it worked out okay, because the concert didn’t happen. We also thought we were going to make things work with Clay Walker, but that also fell through.”

The Goo Goo Dolls were also considered, but their schedules didn’t work, which put Art Alexakis & Co. on top of the list.

“Everclear has been in the works since about March,” said Karnopp,”We didn’t know officially until later, and then we don’t let people know until contracts are signed.”

With ticket prices for students ranging from $14 to $18-available at Info Exchange-Karnopp feels that the show is a bargain.

“Hurry up and get your tickets,” he said, “I’ve heard that by the end of the week floor seats will be gone.”