DO bring some curtains; DON’T bring a chicken

Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh

Binnewies Residence Hall Director Kara Everhart laughs when she thinks of the things she has seen freshmen forget when they move into the dorms.

“Most people don’t remember curtains, so we’ve seen people use shower curtains, blankets, tinfoil-lots of funky stuff,” Everhart said.

On the other hand, sometimes new students bring too much.

“Full-size refrigerators are not recommended, but one year somebody did bring one,” she said.

So how do you separate the curtains from the fridges when moving in? What should you bring? What should you leave behind?

Follow these handy tips from SDSU students and officials.

In addition to bringing curtains, Everhart said freshman should bring shower supplies.

She encouraged students to bring a shower basket and flip-flops.

Sophomore Ag Journalism major Stephanie Kontz knows the importance of flip-flops in the dorms.

“I didn’t have shower shoes my first year. Well, that only lasted for a day and then I went out and bought some,” she said.

Associate Director of Residential Life Susan L. Sandberg had some suggestions beyond flip-flops and a shower tote. She recommended bringing a bathrobe or a very large towel.

Deciding on items to bring is only half the battle.

How do you choose what to leave behind?

Sandberg had some suggestions stemming directly from campus rules.

“We ask people to leave the weapons at home and the propane grill. People sometimes think they’re going to grill hamburgers,” Sandberg said.

Also off-limits are Fido and Fluffy, unless those are the names of your fish.

Pets should not accompany students to the dorms unless they can pass Sandberg’s simple test.

“If we can hold your pet under the water in the aquarium for five minutes and it’s still alive, you can have it,” she said.

Choosing what to bring and what to leave can be made easier by checking with people who have already lived in the residence halls.

Although parents can be a useful resource in determining what to bring to the dorm and what to leave behind, their judgment isn’t always sound.

“A lot of parents remember going to college and bringing a popcorn popper or a hot pot,” Sandberg said. “Microwaves are pretty much filling the bill there.”