Organizations on campus will help you find friends and yourself

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

This article originally appeared in the Aug 27, 2002 edition of the Collegian. All information contained herein is still relevant.Here’s a rundown of what to expect in some activities offered at SDSU.


Dr. Corliss Johnson, director of music, says his department offers much to new students.”We want kids in there from all the walks of life on campus,” Johnson said.The music department offers a marching band, three choirs, two concert bands, an orchestra, several jazz bands and numerous smaller ensembles. Auditions occur in the first week of school. Interested students should call (605) 688-5187.

Intramural Sports

In intramurals, student-formed teams compete against each other for awards in numerous sports. Some sports are just for men or women and some are for co-ed teams.”Intramurals is an informal type of game. A lot of people play just for fun and it’s a great way to meet people,” said Roxy Cook, secretary of intramurals.Cook recommends students interested in this activity visit the intramurals office in room 123 in the HPER building or call (605) 688-4724.Theater

SDSU’s theater program welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of theater. The program offers on-stage opportunities and behind-the-scenes options.”Our policy is open auditions and you need not be a theater major to be involved in theater,” said Nancy Wheeler, assistant professor of communication studies and theatre.Students interested in theatre are invited to call (605) 688-6131 for more information.

Religious Life

SDSU offers a wide variety of religious groups, covering most major faiths and denominations. Rev. Bob Chell, pastor of the University Lutheran Center and director of the Campus Interfaith Council invites those who have questions about how to get in touch with members of their own faith. He can be reached at (605) 692-4880.”We have to have something that propels and gives meaning and direction to our lives,” Chell said.