But I’m BORED! What can you do in this town for fun?

Jesse Christen

Jesse Christen

Quite a bit actually. Just know the town and where to go.

No matter how busy you may get during your academic career here at SDSU, you are going to do something other just study, right?

College isn’t all about work. It’s about having fun too. Besides, for many students it’s the first real taste of freedom they encounter. Here are a few ideas for a good time.

Jackalope Lounge: If you are 21 or older you should visit “Brookings best-kept secret.” Located a half block west of Main Street at 311 Third Street, the Jackalope is Brookings only consistent live music venue. The atmosphere is nice and there are plenty of pool tables.

For a schedule of upcoming events go to http://thejackalopelounge.com/home.html.

South Dakota Art Museum: Staying on campus might not sound like a good time, but the South Dakota Art Museum is always enjoyable. With a permanent collection of Harvey Dunn paintings (this guy can paint!) and artists’ exhibits from South Dakota and around the world, the South Dakota Art Museum is a nice place to visit and relax, and you can do it between classes.

Located next to the campanile at Medary Avenue and Harvey Dunn Street, the art museum is a quick get away.

Nick’s Hamburgers: Located at the corner of Fourth Street and Main, Nick’s Hamburgers has changed little over the last 50 plus years. The menu is limited to hamburgers, and for the more adventurous, cheeseburgers.

And like the old Saturday Night Live skit, chips are what’s served here for greasy potatoes. The dining atmosphere is a retro lover’s dream: the restaurant consists of an old lunch counter. Nick’s is truly something special. It’s an icon of America’s past.

Great Plains Coffee: If you feel like getting out of town, Sioux Falls is a logical destination. It’s only a 50-mile drive to south and is SoDak’s largest urban center.

Great Plains Coffee is a fun hangout. With great coffee, local artists’ work on display and live acoustic music it’s a beat-nick’s dram come true. It’s open late at night and is good place to go and socialize. It’s a good place to meet interesting people