Make the Most of a Sick Day

Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh

It is a delicate issue deciding when one is sick enough to stay home from work and class (okay, so you can be “sick enough” to skip class whenever you want) yet is still well enough to enjoy it. If you fall into this category, listen up.

Read. Assuming you’re not tired of reading materials for class, you can take advantage of your day in bed to read novels or magazines.

Watch T.V. and movies. This is kind of a no-brainer activity for the sick day, yet you might overlook it if you’re usually too bogged down to enjoy the tube. Cheesy movies and daytime T.V. are perfect for the sick day. Don’t forget the video games for added excitement.

Be catered to. Get your Significant Other, roommate, or anyone who loves you to wait on you during your sick day. Soup, snacks, pillow-fluffing and story-telling all fall under their jurisdiction.

Sleep. Good for your sick body, and oh-so indulgent.