Headin’ to market in Brookings: your best bet for good grub

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

So you want to get some food tonight. Good for you. Here’s what you’re looking at here in good old Brookings.

Price: See the table to the right where you will notice that EconoFoods and Hy-Vee battle back and forth for the lowest prices, with Hy-Vee finally edging EconoFoods out by a mere 49 cents. Wal-mart’s prices are competitive, though it has only a few select items.

Cleanliness: Hy-Vee wins the category with clean and roomy aisles and a staff that keeps the floors squeaky clean. Wal-mart has a tendency to clutter their aisles and EconoFoods often feels dingy.

Employee Helpfulness: All three stores feature extremely friendly staffs. Since they employ many SDSU students, isn’t this to be expected?

Winner: Hy-Vee takes the prize with great hours, a clean facility and competitive prices.

Wal-mart gets a nod for bargain basement prices for particular items.

EconoFoods has better prices on certain items.

Hy-Vee’s your best bet, but shopping around can never hurt.