***** Subs Crowned King

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

For those of you who like something that tastes like it was made fresh instead of three days ago, a sub sandwich may be just the ticket. Brookings offers five locations to solve your sub sandwich shivers.

Subway: 403 Main Avenue, 692-1344Village Square Shopping Center, 692-8442

Subway is the sub place everyone knows. If you’re from a town with over 2,500 people, you probably have a Subway.

The Subways in Brookings aren’t much different. As always, their subs taste fresh and they offer a number of options in toppings, bread, and sauce.

Also, the Subway downtown is nicely carved into the Main Street storefronts. It’s pleasing to look at and even more pleasing to eat in.

Mad Jacks: Brickwood Plaza, 692-2878

Mad Jacks is a true Brookings original. Originally, it was across the street from campus, but it left that site for its current digs when the school wanted its land and it smelled an opportunity in serving things other than subs.

But here’s the thing … when Mad Jacks moved, their subs lost a little something. The cold subs are still just as good as anywhere else, but the hot subs feel and taste a bit limp.

However, everything else at Mad Jacks is perfection, from the baked potatoes to the Indian tacos to the cheese balls. For sheer variety of food, Mad Jacks really can’t be beat. Nor can you beat its trappings, which are nicely industrial and feature the autograph of one Craig T. Nelson.

But if you’re looking for subs, Mad Jacks is just a smidgen less tasty than Subway.Blimpies: Medary Commons/Jack’s Place: Student Union

SDSU’s two on-campus sub shops are a bit over-priced, but they make up for this by being convenient.

However, they’re not as tasty as Subway and they don’t offer as many options. Still, they’ll fit your cravings when you want to walk, not drive.

Our winner: The Subway downtown wins for having the best subs, though Mad Jacks offers a compelling environment and a wonderful selection.