The Order’s Screenwriters Need to Take a Theology Class


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

Call me simple. Call me idealistic. But whatever happened to Heath Ledger movies that had happy endings? I will admit it, Knight’s Tale, Ten Things I Hate About You, and The Patriot top my favorites list.

Well, okay. Heath died in The Patriot, but at least he was still the good guy.

But The Order? Ugh.

The special effects were captivating. Quite honestly, it was only that and the vain hope that things would get better which kept me from walking out of the theatre.

That and all the demon bashing, which admittedly was just plain fun.

The rest of the movie? Pseudo-Catholic cryptic crap. I just wish, that once, just once, a screenwriter would pick up a Bible.

Then again, being non-Catholic, maybe I’m biased. The theme of the movie is that outside of the Catholic church there is no salvation. Hence, every poor, misguided, excommunicated fool out there is going straight to hell.

Herein enters the sin eater. Ugh. Loop-holes in Catholic dogma, what else is new?

In the seventh chapter of Mathew in the New Testament, Jesus tells his followers, “Don’t give pearls to swine!” My paraphrase, “Don’t try to mix the efforts of