Q & A: Donkeys vs. Elephants

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas


Q: Please state your full name.

A: Amanda Mattingly.

Q: Your major?

A: History.

Q: And your position?

A: I am secretary of the College Democrats.

Q: What made you become a Democrat?

A: Well, one of the main reasons I became a Democrat is because it was pretty much embedded in my family. While I was growing up, I researched more and I’ve learned that the Democratic party is the party for the workingman and for the middle class. I will make no reservations in that my family is middle class, always have been and always will be. I believe that the Democratic party will work for people like my family more than the Republican Party would.

Q: What does the College Democrats have planned for this year?

A: This year we have a lot of great stuff planned, especially with the election coming up in 2004. We are planning a lot of events to support Tom Daschle to get him re-elected because we really need him in the Senate still. We are planning a mock convention in January. It’s going to be a huge event dealing with the primary election that is going to take place.

Q: When do you meet?

A: We meet every other Monday night at 5 p.m. in the Jackrabbit Room.

Q: What has been your favorite part of being a member of the College Democrats?

A: I have been a member since I transferred to SDSU last fall. I think one of the best parts about being a member is the opportunities it opens for you. I am very interested in politics and someday I would like to be involved in politics and I have found that my involvement with the SDSU College Democrats would look great as a reference.

Q:Who would win in a fistfight: George W. Bush or Bill Clinton?

A: Well, Bill Clinton of course, because George would be hiding behind his dad.


Q: Please state your full name.

A: Justin Benson.

Q: Your major?

A: Agricultural Engineering.

Q: And your position?

A: I am the vice-chairman of the College Republicans.

Q: How did you get your position?

A: We had elections last spring.

Q: How long have you been in the College Republicans?

A: About a year and a half.

Q: How often do you guys meet?

A: About two or three times a month.

Q: Does the College Republicans have a lot of plans for this year?

A: We have quite a few actually. For the club, we are going to be involved with the State Republicans for the state convention.

We will be going to Washington D.C. in January for the Conservative Political Action Conference.

And there are some other fun activities we haven’t decided on yet, some fundraisers and team building activities.

Q: What made you decide to be a Republican?

A: Well, I’m a Republican for several reasons. My biggest one is that I believe in personal accountability.

People have to make choices, like to get married before you have kids, how they spend their money, or get an education.

Personal accountability is important because the government can’t just bail people out.

And another basis of me being a Republican is that we live in the greatest nation in the world and it’s just that there is so much opportunity here and we need to make sure they have that opportunity and not limit them by having a large government and higher taxes.

We should just let them do what they want and have the freedoms and rights that this country has promised.

Q: Were your parents Republican?

A: Yes.

Q:Who would win in a fistfight: George W. Bush or Bill Clinton?

A: Bush. Clinton would probably be stoned or something.

I gotta go with Bush even though Clinton’s a little bigger.