Students’ Association discusses Media Faculty Advisers, Student Debt

Jael Trieb

Jael Trieb

At Monday night’s Students’ Association meeting, members discussed the advantages of having faculty advisors for the Collegian and KSDJ.

President Eric Erickson said that the organization is seeking a faculty member with background in newspaper and one with prior experience in radio.

“The main purpose of the advisors will be to serve as a resource for SDSU’s newspaper and radio station; to help maintain steady success rates, and to serve as a mediation between them and the Media Council,” said Erickson, “It is not a disciplinary action.”

Students no longer have to worry about getting lured into sketchy credit card agreements at the Student Union.

The SA no longer allows credit card companies to locate booths in the Union and entice students to sign up for credit cards with attractive prizes.

In the past after signing up, students’ credit was damaged by the outstanding credit cards and they were unable to receive loans for tuition, vehicles, etc.

The SA took action after nearly 750 students encountered this problem.

President Erickson has found that as the amount of Pell Grants (a form of financial aid that a majority of students used to rely on for college expenses) has decreased, more students are relying on loans that they are unable to pay off upon graduation.

He is further researching the problem, and plans to seek a solution with government and college administrators.

Upon attending the SDSU Foundation banquet, Erickson found that the organization provides over 3000 students, almost a third of the student body, with scholarship aid.

He encourages students to show their appreciation and always thank donors, which include not only SDSU alumni, but business owners, faculty members and alumni of other universities.