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I have to say, I am disappointed with the Collegian. I expected more out of a university “newspaper”.

In reading the paper, it is not rare for me to find grammatical errors, or spelling errors, or typing errors that were overlooked by whoever is supposed to edit the articles. You also seem to make a lot of corrections from week to week. This makes the print less credible to me. When I see the question: “What college did you got to?” I know that its a mistype, but this is supposed to be somewhat professional! When I read an article one week, only to see the clarifications and multiple corrections the next week, I am a lot less likely to believe other things you print. You have lost credibility many times in this way, this year.

I also have a problem with how articles are titled. Recently, you printed an article with a catchy title. (Some thing about riots of 1990– I don’t have the paper sitting in front of me and I don’t want to misquote it.) You did well in that aspect: catching my interest. However, the article mentioned the riots in ONE OR TWO paragraphs– in the middle of it too! The main point of the article had nothing to do with the riots. In the real world newspapers, that kind of thing will lose you customers.

The third thing I have a problem with is the choice of articles you choose to print. I know we’re college students, but honestly, people drink too much without the paper practically advertising for people to go out, get drunk, and get laid on this Hobo Day weekend. I’ve realized that much of what you write is not news. In fact, the majority of what you print is opinion of one of your writers being passed on to the front page, or some special interest story to make us “feel” good. Poor excuse for news if you ask me.

I would appreciate it if you would watch for errors more closely, title your articles so that they are not misleading as to what the article is about, and choose some better content for this so called “news”-paper; even if means having a shorter paper.