Riots break out after Mankato football loss

Hallie Thomas

Hallie Thomas

Riots erupted outside of off-campus housing in Mankato after the Minnesota State University-Mankato football team lost their homecoming game to North Dakota State University on Saturday.

“The notion that Mankato students were distraught over our football team’s loss is utterly ridiculous,” said Nick Morriston, senior political science major at Minnesota State University-Mankato, “No one cares, especially those that go to homecoming.”

A large crowd of several hundred people had congregated in front of the Campus View and Monk’s Place Apartments to partake in post-game festivities.

Around 11:30 p.m. the local authorities, who had been monitoring the crowd, decided the gathering had become rowdy enough to break-up.

After informing the students to go home, the police then shot tear-gas pellets into the crowd to hasten the dispersement.

It was at this time that the police realized that the crowd had become too large to handle, and therefore were forced to call the Minneapolis police force for assistance.

While the Mankato police were waiting for their reinforcements, the crowd grew to a violent fracas of over 3000 people.

Police helicopters flew above as fires were set, cars were vandalized, and several people were reported to be assaulted.

The crowd was finally dispersed by 4:30 a.m.

All told, by the end of the night 45 people were arrested and 16 were injured.

Mankato officials are blaming the students’ behavior on alcohol consumption following the game.

National news media have cited the university’s winless football season and homecoming loss as a flashpoint for the riot.

Disciplinary action by the university against the students has yet to be determined.

“Mankato has a drinking problem,” said Morriston, “and up until now its been ignored.”