Local radio station concerned with KSDJ

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

Earlier this semester, a local radio station manager met with Student’s Association President Eric Erickson and expressed concern with KSDJ, SDSU’s campus radio station.

Tom Coughlin is general manager of Brookings radio station X107.1, which plays some of the music heard on the campus station.

He said that despite the meeting he continues to be worried about what KSDJ is doing, or not doing, for student academics.

“As a distinguished alumnus of the journalism department, I asked him (Eric Erickson) what purpose they’re trying to serve for students,” he said. “I didn’t get a great deal of information.”

Erickson and Kathy Lusk, who is the director of student union and activities, said that nothing was done as a result of the questions.

But shortly after that meeting, Ashley Allen, KSDJ station manager, was asked by Erickson and Lusk to submit a report to the SA media council, which oversees KSDJ, detailing how the station was meeting its academic goals.

Allen said Erickson and Lusk asked him to bring them even more documentation.

“I also submitted (to Erickson and Lusk) KSDJ’s original license, the renewal license and construction permit, which included the original mission statement,” he said.

Allen said the requests seemed unusual and sudden, but he assumed they simply wanted the documents for their records.

Coughlin insisted he’s never had a problem running his business alongside KSDJ and doesn’t see the campus station as an advertising competitor.

“If you’re a student listening to them, then you’re not listening to me,” he said. “I guess in that sense they’re competition.