Pointless websites encourage insanity

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

So I’ve gotten myself a new job. And today it was icy and snowy and I’m tired.

Thus, this week I’m copping out on doing an actual column in which I rant about something inane and pointless, and instead I’m giving you lots of pointless websites at which you can sate your need for inanity.

First stop on our magical mystery tour of the Internet is www.pixyland.org which is a crazy little jaunt into the dementia of one man. A man who likes to dress up like Peter Pan for no discernable reason, and who is in fervent pursuit of his very own Tinkerbell. Oh and ladies, he designs his own costumes! Hooray!

Next up is a website that’s a personal favorite of mine. At abbie.blogspot.com you get to read the day to day musings of a cat (as logged by her ever helpful owner.) Now perhaps this is only amusing to those individuals who have ever spent an extensive amount of time with any given kitty, but I like to believe that the neurotic monologue of this cat is enough to amuse anyone.

The next website gives hours of amusement and allows you to investigate all those nasty little Internet rumors that you hear. By going to www.snopes.com you can debunk your favorite urban legends and read all about the crazy things that people actually believe all at the same place. Such amusement does not come easily on the Internet. Or something.

Of course, what fun is the Internet if you can’t be completely creeped out and disturbed by it? Therefore, I give you www.sweetin.com/onestop which is where you can get all of your Jodie Sweetin information in one place!

And not only that, but you can hear sound bites! And see pictures of her prom! I am extremely frightened!

For those of you who don’t remember, Jodie Sweetin played Stephanie on “Full House.” Why this was enough to spark this particular webmaster’s obsession, I’ll never know. Make sure you check out the active message board, as it talks about people wishing the former female stars of the show would pose in Maxim-like magazines. *shudders*

And the final fabulous website can be located at www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Strand/5836/Goldengirls.htm. Indeed, this is a comprehensive “Golden Girls” website. Here you can find the words to the theme song, an episode guide, a chat room(!), trivia, and bloopers!

The most spectacular part of the site though, is the webmaster, who currently spends time writing NEW episodes of “Golden Girls!” The ultimate fan fic!

Of course, there’s also the link to St. Olaf college on the website. Super.

So there you go. Have fun. Stop bothering me.

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