Religious hatemongers unworthy of heavenly rewards they preach

Brady Phelps

Brady Phelps

It’s pretty hard for many of us to buy the idea of a god or a heaven … A benevolent loving father figure who will make it all work out right in a place where we will get our just reward … if we earn it by being “good.”

Harder still is the concept of the ultimate boogey man, THE DEVIL (!) and the worst fate possible, being in hell with all the other bad people and THE DEVIL!

Life and reality just aren’t so perfect or black and white.

Some people have already condemned me and others to such a fate (the latter one I am sure) for even voicing such opinions. Well, it’s like John Lennon imagining (or pondering) the possibility that there is no heaven, above us only sky, no hell below us. Those shouldn’t be thought crimes … but in a few years who knows, given the current regime in Washington.