Responsibility, brains solve major problem


As a courtesy to anyone with half a brain cell, we want to mention from the very beginning that this editorial is not directed at you.

In fact, if you have an ounce of responsibility in your body, you can probably just flip to the Juice or check out the crime log to laugh at people less enlightened than yourself. We’re not going to share anything you don’t already know.

Now then, if you’re still reading at this point, it means you’re either too enthralled with our quality editorializing to pass up a good read, too stubborn to stop reading something after you’ve started it or too oblivious to realize you’re about to be editorially dope slapped.

Okay, folks. We’re pretty sure we’ve had this discussion with you before, but, for some reason, the message doesn’t seem to really be getting through.

So, we’ll try it in pretty simple terms.

Driving drunk is stupid.

And we’re not just talking “That wild animal looks cute” stupid or “Hold my beer and watch this” stupid.

We’re talking an unparalleled level of stupid.

The reason it’s in a category all its own is a unique combination of factors found only in drunken driving.

Not only is there the face value irresponsible use of alcohol. There’s also the added danger of several hundred pounds of metal hurtling down a street, highway or interstate.

Not only is the irresponsible driver putting his or her life at risk. There’s also the risk to totally innocent people that might happen to be sharing the road with someone drunk behind the wheel.

Not only is the crime dangerous. It’s also completely preventable. It’s also pretty selfish to favor the convenience of having your own ride over the safety of yourself and others.

Now, if you don’t like us lecturing at you, there’s another perspective that might get our point across. Take a look at this week’s front page for a second. See the article about students and car crashes?

Read it.

We’ll wait for you.

Amy and Dietr would be those innocent people we were talking about a minute ago. Perhaps their story is more convincing than our editorial.

Anyway, thanks for letting us get that off our chest. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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