Romantic Sports Movies are Great for Dates

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

So the day of reckoning is almost on us again – Valentines Day. And many people who are less than mushy will have to endure cheesy, romantic ick again this year.

There is possibly one remedy for this – romantic sports movies.

There are loads of these faboulous films about sport that have a bit of a love theme added in. Therefore, for the folks who want to watch some sports while their significant other wants to watch some love, I’ve picked out some of my favorite romantic sports movies.

I hope you all get through date night with a minimal of boredom!

Baseball movies: The Natural and Field of Dreams.

Basketball movies: Hoosiers and Love and Basketball.

Boxing movies: Play it to the Bone, and Rocky.

Football movies: The Replacements, Necesarry Roughness and Jerry Maguire.

Golf movies: Tin Cup, The Legend of Bagger Vance and CaddyShack

Hockey movies: Miracle and Mystery, Alaska.

Ice Skating movie: The Cutting Edge

Track movies: Chariots of Fire, and Prefontaine

Wrestling movie: Vision Quest.