Kick Cigarettes This Lent

Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson

What are you giving up for Lent? Many SDSU students have decided to give up sweets, a few decided to deprive themselves of one-night stands, but the most popular response to this question was neither — smoking was the number one response. Here are a few ways to help newly found nonsmokers overcome cravings.

Ditch the cigs

Soon-to-be nonsmokers should throw away cigarettes and cigars from around the house –the less temptation the better! If your roommate has a similar addiction, make sure to inform him or her of your sacrifice; ask your roomie to hide their cigarettes in a safe place. If the thought of trashing a pack of smokes makes you uneasy, donate the cigarettes to your roommate –he or she may need an extra smoke while living with a recent nonsmoker.

Establish a “butty” system

Why quit smoking on your own, when you can quit with a friend? The motivation to keep clean may increase your success. Jog around the block together after every complaint or mention of smoking. Plan outings or activities during times where cravings are the strongest and try to meet at non-smoking establishments. Most importantly, make sure that you pick a friend with stick-to-itiveness and the determination to make the sacrifice.

Allow family to kick butt

You may come close to cheating, or actually take a puff or two. Make a list of family/friends to call if you are close to cheating, or happen to go astray. The individuals listed should be people with backbone –you need encouragement from people who know you best (they know you can do it). The people listed could be major influences in your life; would they be disappointed in you for failing to make this sacrifice? Pull out the list when you feel the urge to smoke-it can serve as a preventative tool and relieve your mind of smoking while you chat.

Post puff art

Seeing is believing-you can make the sacrifice! Decorate your home with anti-smoking ads, or health reports on the dangers of smoking (you will find the Internet to be a great research tool). Post the ads/info everywhere in your home. Stuff the image of a tar-filled lung in your purse in place of your cigarettes, or paste a picture of a smoker’s smile near your toothbrush. The images may help you stop smoking for good.

Don’t cloud the symbolism

Remember why you’re sacrificing your habit in the first place. Your time-off from smoking parallels a greater sacrifice.