Powell, Mattingly campaigns say that posters on campus were taken down

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

When Amanda Mattingly and Doug Timm finished hanging up campaign posters for their bid at Students’ Association President and Vice President the evening of Mon., Feb. 2, they were tired but satisfied.

They had put up 100 posters in NFA and Rotunda and thought that their efforts would get the names on the Mattingly/Timm ticket out to the general populace.

The next morning, though, their efforts had been thwarted.

“Every single one of those posters were gone. Someone had just taken them out of Rotunda. They were not in Rotunda at all,” Mattingly said. “I don’t know what happened. I don’t think it’s any specific person. I don’t know if it’s just someone that hates the elections or if they’re just being mean.”

It was only the most recent incident for Mattingly and Timm, who had had other posters removed from Rotunda over the previous weekend.

Clinton Powell, who is also running for President, with Dave Hove as his running mate, has had problems in the Arts and Science buildings, where some posters have disappeared and some have been moved down from eye level. Powell said it has not been a big problem so far.

He also said that the poster removal may be the work of someone who is sick of the elections, though he also said those who were overly zealous for one candidate over another might be responsible.

“A lot of times you have people that are friends of people that are in the campaign and think it’s their duty to move posters and tear posters down,” he said.

While the posters may be something of a nuisance, Mattingly and Powell said they are a necessary annoyance if either campaign wants to get their names out to the public.

“People did not know we were running except our close friends that we had told,” Mattingly said. ” (Now) we’ve got … things out there and people recognize our name.”

Though posters for the elections may not bear an official stamp, they are allowed to remain hung up for campaign season.

Please do not remove them.