Sports are Romantic

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

Much to the disappointment of many men most women don’t find sports very interesting. In fact, unless a lady plays a sport, she probably doesn’t care if she ever sees ESPN. Some women abhor the idea of dealing with their man’s love of sports.

If women (or possibly men dating women who love sports) would simply examine the situation beyond the simplicity of the game and see what a sporting event could represent they would realise that sports are romantic.

It seems like a lot of men chasing and controlling a ball, but really it is a miniature, epic battle between good and evil where a hero emerges triumphant after he makes a touchdown, or sinks that basketball at the buzzer winning the game for the home team.

Of course, the team your lover is rooting for represents truth, goodness and all virtue in the world.

Some people can live vicariously through sports. Thus, somehow, by the magic of the game, a man can become that triumphant hero. That means, if you play nice with others during the game, you can be the princess whose favor the hero has won by triumphing over that dastardly foe.

Plus, if you’re lucky the closest thing your man will get to actual war is football. All the bodies crashing into each other and all the men getting sweaty, dirty and bloody – that’s hot.

Just because sports aren’t really war doesn’t mean you can’t treat your man like he’s Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Rip that kilt right off baby!

Okay, maybe sports aren’t particularly romantic, but they sure are sexy.

In fact, I’d better stop thinking about it all this much until I’m married.