SA approves 558K health center budget

Jill Fier

Jill Fier

The Student Association approved the Health Services budget for $558,400.

Janet Mullen, Director of Student Health and Counseling, said the addition of health center hours for appointments during the summer break from July 1 to Aug. 15 was successful last year.

Mullen said the center averaged about eight visits per day during the break, which was positive since the center was only open for three hours during business days.

The SA also passed a resolution to recommend to the University an increase in funding for the weight room in the Intramural building to purchase better equipment for safety reasons. The resolution was brought to the SA’s attention by a group of students who said they wanted to see improvements made in the “barn.”

The approval also included a recommendation that supervision in the weight room also be increased for safety reasons and to prevent theft.

Opponents of the resolution said they did not want to see money being put into the old weight room when a new wellness center will be built on campus in two years. SA president Eric Erickson and vice president Justin Larson, along with senators David Hove and Doug Timm said they will be traveling to area universities today to look at different designs for the new wellness center.

The possibility of student email accounts was also discussed.