Juice Oscar Preview

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

The Oscars are here and America couldn’t be more excited!

Actually, we could be more excited. We get more excited for the Super Bowl and the odd Winter Olympics figure skating final, but for the most part, we really dig our Academy Awards.

Irregardless, you can bet on The Return of the King sweeping. The Academy has waited three years to reward The Lord of the Rings and it will do so in style this year.

Since the Oscars are one of the most debated and predicted events in America, predictions for every category are here. Find your own ballot online (I recommend www.oscarwatch.com).

Best Picture

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King will win in a walk. Only Mystic River is still in the game. Should Win: Rings

Best Director

Peter Jackson of Rings won the Directors Guild award a few weeks back and that winner almost always goes home with the Oscar. Clint Eastwood or Sofia Coppola could challenge, but don’t bet on it. Should Win: Jackson

Best Actor

This is the big race of the evening. Sean Penn of Mystic River, Bill Murray of Lost in Translation or Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean could all win. Who will? I think Penn’s still out in front, but I wouldn’t be surprised by anybody. Should Win: Murray has never been better.

Best Actress

Monster’s Charlize Theron is really far ahead, but really, any of these ladies could upset. Still, bet on Theron. Should Win: Keisha Castle-Hughes gave a riveting performance as a young girl challenging society in Whale Rider.

Best Supporting Actor

Tim Robbins of Mystic River is practically locked. It would be foolhardy to bet against him. Should Win: Robbins.

Best Supporting Actress

Renee Zellweger of Cold Mountain is pretty far ahead, but Shohreh Aghdashloo of House of Sand and Fog could upset. Should Win: Aghdashloo

Best Original Screenplay

People really love Sofia Coppola and Lost in Translation and it will win here. Only In America could spoil. Should Win: In America.

Best Adapted Screenplay

The other interesting race is right here. Any one of the five nominated scripts could win. Mystic River probably will. Should Win: Adapting The Lord of the Rings was a monumental task. Its screenwriters (Phillipa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh) should win here.

Other winners: Best Animated Feature: Finding NemoBest Cinematography: Seabiscuit Best Editing: Return of the King Best Score: Return of the King Best Original Song: “Into the West” from Return of the King Best Costume Design: Return of the King Best Art Direction: Return of the King Best Makeup: Pirates of the Caribbean Best Sound: Master and Commander Best Sound Effects Editing: Master and Commander Best Visual Effects: Return of the KingBest Documentary: Capturing the Friedmans Best Live Action Short: The BridgeBest Documentary Short: Chernobyl Heart Best Animated Short: Destino