Unique toilet yields silly story

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

As I sit down to write my column this evening I find myself not wanting to talk about this past week whatsoever, as it’s been what one might call, a phenomenally bad week.

So instead I’ve decided to share with you a horrifyingly embarrassing experience from my past in order to win friends and influence people. And I’m not even drunk. Yet.

Before I begin I suppose I’ll have to also reveal an additional quirk that I used to indulge in.

Though not a particularly politically correct habit, whenever I was alone in the public restroom in Pugsley Center I went ahead and used the larger stall because, well, to be honest, sitting on that toilet always made me feel like a princess. The reason behind that would be because when I sat on that toilet my feet didn’t touch the ground.

That said, I’ll continue my story: this one time, in the Pugsley Center ladies’ room, I was tinkling on the big potty, swinging my feet and humming to myself, when I decided I should slide back a little bit.

It was upon attempting this maneuver that things went terribly, terribly wrong.

I tried to scootch back on the toilet seat while not interrupting my flow, so to speak and then things got messy. In short, there was pee everywhere.

Now, I don’t quite understand the logistics of what took place, but what I do know is that my pants were rendered unwearable and I spent the rest of the evening draped in a blanket from my car, with no way to explain it without revealing my sticky story. Quite an embarrassing moment that I’ve now shared with all of you. Super.

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