A few things that may surprise you about love:


*Romance novels are read by almost 40 million American women each year. They account for 56% of mass-market paperback sales.

*Studies show that among young, predominately white college students, men are more likely to believe that true love comes only once, lasts forever, and overcomes obstacles like religious differences.

*Men are more likely to believe in love at first sight and to be “game players,” enjoying pursuit and flirtation.

*Men report falling in love earlier in a new relationship.

*Men feel more depressed and lonely after a breakup.

*Women are more likely to initiate break-ups.

*Women are more likely to report feeling joy or relief after a break-up.

*Women report more emotional symptoms of falling in love, like feeling giddy and carefree, and not being able to concentrate.

*After a relationship has moved beyond first stages, they may become more emotionally involved in it than their male partners.

*Men may fall in love more readily because they rely more on physical attractiveness to decide whom to love.

*Women may be more pragmatic because they have historically been choosing a mate as well as a romantic partners.

*Women may act more emotional in relationships because cultural norms allow it.

From Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology by Mary Crawford and Rhoda Unger, published by McGraw-Hill in 2004.