Article on Adoption


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This isn’t really a letter to the editor, it is the only way I could find to contact staff and Todd VanDerWerff.

My wife and I are parents of two adopted children, Caleb 6, and Linnea 20 months. Each were adopted through and agency out of Overland Park, KS with one child being born in Joplin, MO to college sophomores and the other born to a married couple from the Little Rock, AR area. In both cases the birth parents were financially and emotionally unable to take care of children, let alone a newborn. My wife and I lived your article from the side of the adoptive parents and experienced much of what was written.

The reason I wanted to write it to tell you how much I enjoyed your article. It was fair, honest and open besides being very informative.

I am very impressed in the quality of the article and the strength it took to include the topic in a college newspaper. This was very good work and I hope the student body takes the time to read and absorb the content. Keep it up!

Mike KervinAssociate Director of Residential LifeSDSU