Vote for Wicks

Eric Erickson

Eric Erickson

I strongly urge all students to vote for Zeno Wicks in the upcoming city council election April 13.

I have gotten to know Zeno very well over the past three years through the Students’ Association, which he is an advisor of, and in his career as a city councilor.

Zeno has been awarded (College of Arts and Science) Teacher of the Year four times. He has been, and currently is advisor to many campus organizations.

Zeno is dedicated to the students of SDSU, both while in college and in helping to find them a job in the community.

Through his activities on campus, he has made a presence among the students, as well as an impact.

Zeno has great ideas for improving Brookings for tommorrow.

The economic development ideas Zeno has are key for Brookings to grow.

Zeno has a great plan to increase wages for students in the community.

By bringing in business related to majors at SDSU, Zeno will provide a great option for students to learn more about their prospective job and earn a better wage.

Zeno’s ingenuity, dedication, experience, and profound ability to reach the students are why he would be the best asset to the students of SDSU on the city council.

He WILL get things done for us, not just talk about it!

Vote for Zeno Wicks III in 2004.

He’s got my vote!

Eric EricksonSeniorPolitical Science Brookings