Eric Novotny


Once again, my beloved Collegian has come under attack. And once again it’s from the usual suspects, most of whom wouldn’t know a good time (or valid argument) if it sat on their face. So let’s begin before I opine on the issue.

Mr. Feiler heard about the “controversy” on the six o’clock news. That was on a Thursday, right? Maybe he didn’t realize this, but the Collegian comes out on Tuesday nights. So, he obviously didn’t even bother to read the paper for nearly 48 hours after it came out, and I doubt he would have read it without the news anyway.

How could Miss Wright be so wrong on this issue? She wants to read about the promotion of abstinence? Pick up the Feb. 3 issue of the Collegian. Her wish was granted two weeks before the column on bl**j*bs (sic). I suspect she didn’t even realize it.

And she is right about not all student being sexually active. But the point of the sex column is to answer the questions posed by fellow students. Obviously, someone wanted to know about that particular topic and asked for advice. Question asked; question answered.

To anyone else who was offended: Not everyone wants to be kept completely ignorant about sex. Thankfully, the Collegian realizes this and has the editorial freedom to publish the sex column without reprisal from a few administrators.

Speaking of such, why is it that when Fred Oien, the second most visible face of this university, is charged with beating his wife, the administration keeps its lips tightly sealed, whereas when there’s a naughty little column published, above-mentioned administrators have no reservations about giving television interviews? Rationalize that.

To “BJ Challenged,” who first asked the question, thank you. You made people realize how important editorial freedom is.

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