Things Blow Up: It Must Be Summer!

Todd Vanderwerff

Todd Vanderwerff

What flicks will rock you this summer? Here’s an educated guess.

1.) Spider-man 2 (June 30): Everybody loves the Spider-man. First of all, he does whatever a spider can. Second of all, he makes the only comic book flicks that double as date movies. Finally, the guy’s trailer makes this look like some sort of epic. Plus, we like Doctor Octopus.

2.) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (June 4): Director Alfonso Cuaron’s last movie was the raunchy teen sex comedy, Y Tu Mama Tambien. Now, we don’t think anyone’s going to get naked, but the trailer sure is creepy.

3.) The Day After Tomorrow (May 28): We like to see the world end. Even though this comes from the director of Godzilla, we’re still all about the destruction.

4.) The Terminal (June 18): Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Catherine Zeta Jones deliver something to take your significant other to.

5.) Troy (May 14): Lord of the Rings spoiled us for battle scenes, but we’re still looking forward to this. Props for casting Peter O’Toole!

6.) Shrek 2 (May 21): The first one was funny. Here’s hoping this one is even funnier.

7.) Anchorman (July 9): Will Ferrell is on a roll after Old School and Elf. Maybe he’ll keep the funny going here. Or maybe not.

8.) The Bourne Supremacy (July 23): The Bourne Identity was a great time at the movies and Matt Damon was a believably unconvincing action hero. This one looks to be just as fun.

9.) Collateral (Aug. 6): Tom Cruise as a villain? We’re interested! But will his teeth distract too much?

10.) Dodgeball (June 18): This one could really, really suck, but it’s got Stephen Root (Milton from Office Space) and we love that guy!

Weirdest summer movie: Two Brothers, which stars Guy Pearce and is about two separated tigers, of all things.

Worst-looking summer movie: White Girls. Watch this trailer and try not to have nightmares about the hideous makeup.

Hope for dirty old men everywhere: The Olsen twins, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan (the unholy trinity of tween movie stars) all have films coming this summer!

Arthouse hit that the critics will love which will never come here: Napoleon Dynamite.