Spending an evening with Jude

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

Through the magic of movies and the convenience of rentals, it is possible for an ordinary human to spend some time with Jude Law.

Law has been acting for quite some time and he has made over 30 movies during his career.

That means that if you are a new fan, there’s a lot of Law you may not have seen.

He’s one of the most versatile and successful actors on the market nowadays.

As a long-time fan, I have a few recommendations for those who feel like curling up with a bit of Jude’s work.

The Talented Mr. Ripley: Jude plays a rich European playboy that even Matt Damon can’t resist falling for in this intense psycho-thriller. Be aware that this flick may give you nightmares, but intricate tale is worth the scares.

Gataca: Supporting Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Jude puts in a great performace as a elitist, perfectionistic paraplegic in this futuristic ride.

Music From Another Room: As a lovestruck artist, Jude pursues the woman of his dreams and finds a place in her family while he vies for a place in her heart.

The Wisdom of Crocodiles: This dark film features an extended metaphor about love, life, self-denial and vampires. Jude plays a sensual and strangely likeable neck-biter who must drink the blood of women that love him in order to stay alive.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Jude has a small but explosive role in this film. He sexes it up as usual and even attempts a Southern accent.

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