Video game movie doesn’t scare, thrill, or make zombies creepy

Billy Drown

Billy Drown

Resident Evil: Apocalypse, starring Milla Jovovich, opened Sept. 12 in Brookings and in theaters across the U.S.

The video-gamebased movie is about a small group of people trapped in a city full of zombies. A man on the outside cuts them a rescue deal via telephone, but first they must save a small girl and destroy Nemesis, an evil foe.

While the movie hasn’t received many good reviews, two stalwart movie fans, Bob Tiegs and myself, went to see it and had the following discussion soon afterward.

Billy: Movies like this give zombies a bad name. An actual reviewer said that this movie has actually less plot story and character development than Pac-Man, the video game. I wanted to call him a liar, but I didn’t enjoy myself at all after viewing this film.

Bob: This is a like a sad version of All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Billy: How?

Bob: But instead of going to heaven they just…kind of, hang out.

Billy: Are you just saying that because they had zombie dogs in the movie?

Bob: Here’s my thought–if dogs can become zombies, why not frogs and stuff?

Billy: There were zombie sharks in the first video game, you know.

Bob: I wouldn’t want to be the zombie that goes after the f—ing shark.

Billy: If they had just taken out some of the action and added some scares, the movie would have been a lot better. Where were the dread feelings that I should get when I watch horror films?