Gas station changes its name

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Lloyd’s Amoco, a gas station near I-29, received a facelift over the summer and is under new ownership.

The station’s sign has changed to BP and is now owned by Lance Park and his family.

The former owner, Lloyd Anderson, owned the Amoco for over 30 years. When he retired he sold it to Park, who also owns the Brookings Inn and Pavilion.

The old building was torn down and rebuilt. Among the usual gas pumps and convenience store supplies, BP also offers a car wash. A new restaurant is currently being considered.

“There has been talk that there might be a Taco Bell put in, but we just are not sure what we are going to do yet. We might even have a family-owned food establishment put in,” said Dan Park, Lance Park’s son and BP manager.

There are a number of changes that were made.

“For one thing, the gas pumps are a lot more accessible,” said customer Hannah Englin, an animal science major, who buys gas at the station when she travels out of town.

The inside walls have also been painted blue and green.

“Not your average color of a convenience store,” Dan Park said. “We wanted to give this gas station a different atmosphere-offer something different.”

With the growth of Brookings, Dan Park realizes he needs to keep his prices competitive, and also the premises neat and clean.

“We want to make sure we always have a clean environment for our customers and also not the normal ‘convenience store’ prices,” he said.

When the gas station changed hands it was able to keep some of Lloyd’s former employees.

BP will be hold a grand opening next month.