South Dakota Art Museum home to unique artworks

Jesse Hamer

Jesse Hamer

The South Dakota Art Musuem may seem imposing and aloof, especially if you’re not an art person.

But the free admission and the variety of things to see inside make it a must-see for students.

The museum has seven galleries; four are used for permanent exhibits.

One of the current visiting exhibitions is by Warren Rosser. Titled To be continued…, it is comprised of selected works from Rosser’s collection over the past few years.

His work is very bold and fresh. I felt uplifted when I looked at his paintings.

The art museum will be hosting an artist reception for Rosser and his work Friday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Rosser will be present to speak about his paintings, and there will be live music. Students are welcome and there is no cost for admission.

One of the permanent rotating exhibits, Marghab Linen: The Process, showcases handcrafted linens embroidered in the region of Madeira.

These delicate hankies, tablecloths, and place mats are able to highlight a time when so much work went into something so simple. Despite their simplicity, these every-day items are also intricate and beautiful works of art.

Another exhibit is Modern Day Storyteller by Don Montileaux. Each of his paintings tells a different story and every one is as fascinating as the last. His artist reception will be Oct. 15.

Another of the permanent exhibits is Paul Goble’s Retrospective. Goble is an illustrator of children’s books who does very original work.

Carl Grupp’s exhibit The Wonder of Life is currently visiting the art museum, and I enjoyed it. His art is intriguing and pondersome, yet I think most people could relate to his work. His artist reception will also be Oct. 15.

A collection of Harvey Dunn’s Prairie Works is also on display. Although most of us have seen Dunn’s famous paintings, this exhibit includes a number that I had never seen before.

The museum has more exhibits lined up for later this semester.

Starting Nov. 23, a collection of Jerry Uelsmann’s photographs will be on display. Exhibits by Vickie Schumacher and Kris Reeves are set to begin Nov. 29 and An Art of Life exhibit, which will show art made by the Yoruba people of Africa, is scheduled to begin Dec. 11.

With all the museum has planned this semester, you may want to drop by the next time you pass the building after class.