Downtown bar gets temporary license

Virginia Berg

Virginia Berg

Approximately six months ago Dakota Pub began the long process of applying for a liquor license. They have unofficially received a temporary liquor license, said owner Bill Thelen.

The temporary liquor license will allow Dakota Pub to sell liquor for one year, when they will have to re-apply for another license. Thelen said.

Thelen decided to apply for a liquor license to increase business.

“There are only so many beer drinkers in town,” Thelen said. “We see them walking back and forth between [the other bars], and right past us because they know we don’t sell liquor.”

Thelen hopes the increase in business with the new liquor license will allow him to expand the business into the basement.

Thelen has already started remodeling, adding things like liqour cabinets.

Dakota Pub hopes to be officially in business by Oct. 20, he said.

“We want to be officially up and running by Hobo Days,” Thelen said.

The pub currently hosts karaoke every other weekend and hopes to add more live entertainment to its line-up once the license is official, Thelen said.