“Lauck Paid by Thune”


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By Emily Hauge605-691-9361*Economics and Political Science*Please note, I am in my fourth year at SDSU but have taken the fall semester off.

After reading the letter to the editor “Lauck is paid by John Thune”, I did some research.First, I double-checked the facts. Yes, Jon Lauck is a highly paid ‘research consultant’ for John Thune and SDSU history professorSecondly, I visited Lauck’s blog. True, Lauck posts little more than criticism and partisan jabs toward Senator Daschle. This leads me to question Thune’s credibility: all Daschle-bashing and no “Look what Thune has done!” Interesting.Back to my research, I did not visit Lauck’s blog once, but dozens of time over days. Lauck does a superb job of keeping up his website. It is no wonder Thune pays him so well. In fact, Lauck has new posts almost hourly!Yes, I said hourly. Jon Lauck live in Sioux Falls. My question: Is Jon Lauck driving back to Sioux Falls every time he posts a partisan comment on his Daschle-bashing blog? Or, is he using state funded equipment to do such? If Lauck IS using state funded equipment to contribute to his partisan blog, all while: giving us his column, suggesting we go to his website, and believing students of SDSU are not intelligent enough to catch on, then I think some of us should be offended.Well Lauck, we are not only smart enough to catch onto your recklessness, we also care enough to NOT vote for John Thune, a highly paid Washington lobbyist. Thanks to Lauck, we will NOT forget to vote for Daschle, November 2.