Ram pub renovated

Shayla Waugh

Shayla Waugh

Several renovations were recently made to the Ram Pub in Downtown Brookings due to problems with the aging building.

New tile floors were added to the downstairs of the establishment as well as new carpeting and wood flooring on the main and upper levels. The upper level, which was previously used for banquets was made over and now provides the restaurant with more dining space. New chairs and tables were brought in for the restaurant. The kitchen floors were fixed and construction was done to the bathrooms.

“Renovations were made mainly for a new look, we now have more dining space since the upstairs was finished,” said LaDeane Harrison, a manager at the Ram Pub.

The main reason for the construction at the Ram was problems with the aging building.

“You always have problems with an old building like this, as soon as you fix one thing, you find something else wrong,” Harrison said. “We were able to retain the original bank floor in front though which many customers comment on.”

The changes were completed over a two-week span. The main level of the building took about five days to complete. The upper level took slightly longer at about seven days.

“I enjoy eating at the Ram. There is much more space in the restaurant, which cuts down on the waiting time,” said Kelsey Schurrer, a sophomore student at SDSU. “I feel that the main level is very inviting but that more could be done with the upper level to create a better atmosphere.”

Bartels Construction, Jeff Rice, Courtesy Plumbing, Ram Crew members and various others did the renovations.