Daktronics does upgrade on signs

Jesse Hamer

Jesse Hamer

The new modular systems being made by Daktronics is a whole new way to design graphic boards.

The new system differs from the old system in that it is composed of a lot of little boards. These new boards will not replace the old ones, but are going to be a new product line, said Michael Cooper, manager of the mobile and modular group at Daktronics.

The Protour system was launched last week in Las Vegas at Lighting Dimension International (LDI).

The Protour system “works the same; provides the same application as any permanent board, but it’s made to move and be portable,” Cooper said.

The main audience for this type of machines will be production and rental companies, Cooper said. The big advantage of the new system is that they are easy to put up and take down because they are broken into many different boards that come together.

Because of the many little boards and the structure of connecting them the Protour boards will cost more.

“It’s a brand new approach for us,” Cooper said.