Being Bridget Jones at the edge of reason

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

The clumsy and lovable Bridget Jones is back with all the style and embarrassment of her debut. For those who don’t know who Bridget is you might do well to rent Bridget Jones’s Diary before you decide whether you want to see the sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

In The Edge of Reason Bridget learns from her mistakes, becomes a world traveler and makes a lot more social mistakes along the way.

Among the things Bridget learns is that just beacuse she found Mr. Right doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly all right in her life. She also learns that even true love takes a lot of work.

Why you’ll like it: I’m convinced that this flick was made for people who wanted to know what happened after Bridget got the guy in Bridget Jones’s Diary. The second one picks up right where the first left off and if you liked the first film or you just love Bridget’s silly self-destructive ways, this film delivers more, more, more of the same.

Some of the same scene and joke set-ups are used, and I was surprised to find myself laughing even harder than I had the first time. I guess some things are just always funny and, if you identify with her, Bridget is one of them.

Why you won’t like it: For some people, the embarrassment of the situations in the film will be way too much to handle. In fact, at the begining it was almost too much for me.

Many people may be disappointed to be getting more of the same with this film and those who didn’t like the first flick are not likely to like traveling tothe edge of reason with Bridget.

Plus, if you liked the first flick because of Hugh Grant and Bridget’s quirky friends you will be disappointed to see very little of them in the sequel.

The bottom line: Bridget is a great character and this film is doing really well at the box office because of it. People identify with her insecurities, imperfections and her desperate search for love.

By people, I mean me. I love her because she’s like me and if things can work out for her then maybe things can work out for me too!

Because I missed her pals and I get too embarrassed for her she loses a star, but I will definitly see this flick over and over again.

Four Stars (out of five)

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