SDSU students enjoy Cavort-ing around

Jesse Hamer

Jesse Hamer

This year the turn out for Cavorts Talent Show resulted in packed lines and a 20-minute delay in showtime.

The first act, called Million Dollar Bob and the Pool Shark Posse, played “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters.

Micah Wetzel brought in a notable performance of an original song that segued into “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.

Wetzel’s rendition of the classic won over the audience by getting them involved in the singing, and most of them were on their feet by the end of his set.

The show paused for a news flash from a couple of hobos who thought very little of USD.

After the interlude Cameryn Christion sang Gretchen Wilson’s “Red Neck Woman,” which won her third place.

Michael Baule came in second with a xylophone rendition of “Log Cabin Blues” by George Hamilton Greene.

Last up was Clint Weckwerth who played “The Piano Man’s Second Montage.” As his fingers flew across the piano the crowd cheered. Weckwerth’s fancy fingerwork won first place for the second year in the row.

Although many enjoyed the two-and-a-half hour show, some in the crowd complained about the length and even left before it was over.

During a bonus section of stupid human tricks “Justin” proved just how stupid and tricky men can be by smashing bricks on various parts of his body.

While the audience waited to hear who the winners were, MCs Dietr Poppen and JD Henriksen did an abridged comedy version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which was arguably the best part of the whole show.

The entire audience laughed as Henriksen and Poppen proclaimed their love to each other as Romeo and Juliet.

Overall Cavorts was a good show, but many left wanting more.

Ashley Swanson, a sophomore pharmacy major, says the show would have been better “if there were a couple more contestants.” But also she says Cavorts was awesome and worth the three dollars students had to pay to get in.

Timothy Furness, a sophomore yet to declare a major, thought that the first group should have won. Even though they “weren’t the most talented,” he says, “I liked the music the best.”

Most students thought this year’s show was better than last and hope next year’s is even better.

Ryan Nelson, a senior majoring in park management, says, “It was a little longer [than last year’s]; I liked it about the same.”