Chicago: Stars, bars, cell blocks and Locks of Love

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

With returning stars, unique staging decisions and period styling, SDSU’s version of the hit musical Chicago should be a pleasant surprise for many.

The play, set in Chicago in the ’20s, is about a woman named Roxy Hart who dreams of becoming a star and will go to almost any length to achieve fame. In the beginning of the show she kills her lover and is sent to prison.

In the show’s leading role of Roxy, SDSU communication studies and theatre (CST) graduate Molly Vetter is expected to be a big crowd pleaser.

“[Molly] is very talented and she has a lot of energy,” says assistant lighting and assistant set designer Dieter Poppen. Poppen also said that having Vetter in the show will probably, “put butts in the seats,” because she is somewhat of a local star.

The show also has some technical and artistic aspects that are expected to wow audiences. The set is very large and has lighting units mounted right on stage, as well as rows of prison bars that are designed to fly in from above the set and come out of the floor for the number “Cell Block Tango.”

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