Dordt leaves SDSU in cold

Jesse Hamer

Jesse Hamer

The Jackrabbits’ match against Dordt College carried on a tradition of roughness Dec. 3 and 4 with 48 total penalties for the two home games.

Games against Dordt have always been rough and full of arguments and fights, said SDSU head coach Marty Schipull.

“The two teams literally don’t like each other,” Schipull said.

When two teams don’t like each other, they show it. Fans were standing on their seats trying to get a good look at the numerous fights on the ice. Roughing, tripping and misconduct were just a few of the penalties that sent players to the penalty box. Schipull said too many penalties can really disrupt a game. He thinks that’s what happened against Dordt. When members of both teams are sitting in the box, and teams aren’t playing full strength, that’s when the majority of goals are made.

Schipull has high hopes for the team and plans to work on conditioning and “stop and starts.” He says that in theory SDSU has the better team, but Dordt won all the “races.”

The Jacks took just as many shots as Dordt Friday with 26, but fell behind Saturday when they took only 24 shots, while Dordt took 41. Friday’s game finished with the Jacks scoring 3 goals and Dordt holding 4. Saturday went much the same way. Dordt won again with a score of 6 to 4.

Schipull said that the team was really disappointed because most, if not all, have beat Dordt in the past. The scores have always been close between the two teams historically, and this loss was a sting for the Jacks. With 10 games down, and 20 left to go in the season the team remains optimistic.

“We’ve got improving to do, defending our league title is not out of reach by any means” Schipull said.

He said he thinks the games against North Dakota State and Mankato are going to be the hardest, but hopes to win at least half. SDSU plays the University of Minnesota- Duluth Dec. 10 and 11 at 8 and 7 p.m. at the Larson Ice Arena. Schipull hopes for fewer penalties. He wants to get the team better prepared and work on their faults.

“They have to do better” Schipull said.

He thinks they will, because the team really wants to finish well this season. He said the team needs to play smarter, and not spend so much time cooped up in a penalty box.

#1.885550:2218103641.jpg:hockey .jpg:SDSU goalie Sam Shaw defends the net against Dordt.:Mike Carlson