New scoreboards planned for SDSU athletics

Jesse Batson

Jesse Batson

New Daktronics scoreboards could be installed in Frost Arena and Coughlin Alumni Stadium by the next academic year.

“We are at the final phases of selecting equipment and marketing plan for new equipment and new upgrades in Frost Arena, our swimming area, softball, baseball and Coughlin Alumni Stadium,” said Fred Oien, director of athletics.

A contract specifying the design and installation of the scoreboards has not yet been signed.

In addition to football, basketball and volleyball enthusiasts, fans of other sports will benefit from the new scoreboards as well.

“We currently don’t have electronic displays in swimming for timing, as well as mat-side scoreboards for wrestling,” said Oien.

In a proposal sent to the South Dakota Board of Regents, the approximate cost of the boards was listed as $2,500,000.

According to Mike Reger, vice president of administration, the SDSU Foundation will be purchasing the scoreboards and will then give them to SDSU.

“The foundation is a stand-alone entity that accepts gifts on behalf of SDSU. They are not part of State government. They are essentially a private organization that supports the university by raising funds,” said Reger.

These new scoreboards would directly follow SDSU’s transition into Division I, but Oien said that it has been part of their long-term plan to install new boards, with the hopes of increasing corporate sponsorships.

“The way these kinds of contracts are scheduled, there’s a design to produce new revenue on top of the cost of what the new boards are,” said Oien. “It’s designed to produce revenue so that we can support the program and support the ongoing efforts of the athletes.”

Newer updates in technology are another reason for replacing the scoreboards.

“Scoreboards have become a part of the entertainment package in any arena. As you try to enhance the experience of going to an athletic event, scoreboards have been a part of that because of the video production,” said Oien. “There’s definitely high quality video like you saw at Hobo Day.”

Reger said the current equipment is due for an update.

“The current scoreboards both in the Coughlin Alumni Stadium and the Frost Arena are well over 10 years old, which is exceeding the normal lifespan,” he said.

Oien said the scoreboard in Frost Arena has received some new electronic aspects over the years, but the actual board has been in place since 1973. Meanwhile, the scoreboard at the Coughlin Alumni Stadium has been in place since the late 1970s.